Mario Novoa & The LA Film School Part II

Mario Novoa & The LA Film School Part II

 ... and here is Part II of this spirited and intimate conversation with Filmmaker and LAFS Alumni Association Founder & President Mario Novoa. 

We go over the difficulty of breaking bad habits and "breaking up" with people in our lives who sap our energies and hold us down. 

Mario "grills" me until I give up the 7Cs - Clarity, Commitment, Consistency, Connection, Conviction, Contribution & Competence - and we take the scenic route to look deeper into Connection and how to bring value and Contribution to our audience and tribe before we ask for anything in return. 

We answer some questions and close out on a "high note."

Check it out.  


Mario Novoa is a professional film director and producer who resides in Los Angeles, California, who began his career at FILM INDEPENDENT'S "PROJECT: INVOLVE", a mentoring program where he was mentored by screenwriter Joseph Stefano (Psycho), film editor Zach Staenberg (The Matrix trilogy), executive producer Mark Ordesky ( The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Miguel Arteta(American Horror Story, The Office, Ugly Betty). In 2001, Mario started his production company producing for TV shows like THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW,  and creating dynamic ad campaigns for The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Cedar Sinai Hospital, The W Hotel Hollywood, MOFILM UK, and The Hollywood Business Owners Alliance. Having raised over $200k since 2012, Mario produced features, shorts and documentary films "LA: A Queer History", "The Life and Times of Jose Sarria", "The Miracle of Tony Davis", "Nancy From Eastside Clover" (award winning doc), "ALC", "TRONA", "Ay Jose!", and "City of Mass Incarceration", "Jeanne Cordova", "An Odyssey" and "Game Day". Mario J. Novoa received his Producing and Editing degree from The Los Angeles Film School in 2000 and Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University in 2013, and continues to produce, direct, shoot and edit on new productions...most recently producing social media videos featuring singers Demi Lovato and Angie Rey.




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Mario Novoa & The LA Film School Part I

Mario Novoa & The LA Film School Part I

"What is the Smallest Version of your Highest Aspiration that you can act on today? And again tomorrow. Consistently inching toward your goal."